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Open Air Virtual

Airport Taxes -1,110,200.00
Ground Handling -2,775,500.00
Meal on board -1,119,190.00
Engine wear -7,688,863.00
Fuel -2,965,812.75
Wi-Fi connection -3,025,187.50
Publicity 5,551,000.00
Extra charge 559,595.00
Cargo in regular routes 78,743,858.00
PAX in regular routes 17,145,353.00
A319 G-AB001 City of St. Louis -85,000,000.00
A318 G-AB802 City of Stratford (upon Avon) -66,300,000.00
A318 G-AB803 City of Assisi -66,300,000.00
A318 G-AB804 City of Kraków -66,300,000.00
A318 G-AB805 City of Rovaniemi -66,300,000.00
A319 G-AB901 Machu Picchu -85,000,000.00
A319 G-AB902 Stonehenge -85,000,000.00
A319 G-AB903 Taj Mahal -85,000,000.00
A319 G-AB904 The Great Wall of China -85,000,000.00
A319 G-AB905 Sagrada Familia -85,000,000.00
C337 G-C33001 -500,000.00
DA42 G-D4201 Edelweiss -1,000,000.00
A320 G-AB001 Deep Space Nine -105,000,000.00
A320 G-AB002 USS Enterprise -105,000,000.00
A320 G-AB003 Captain Kirk -105,000,000.00
D228 G-D2001 Airhauler -7,000,000.00
C404 G-C4001 Air Traveller -2,000,000.00
DH8D G-D8401 Saving Pvt Ryan -31,300,000.00
A320 G-AB004 Jean-Luc Picard -105,000,000.00
B772 G-BO701 The Godfather -296,000,000.00
DHC2 G-DH201 Dolphin -320,000.00
B190 G-B1901 The Red Rose -4,999,000.00
A320 G-AB005 Benjamin Sisko -105,000,000.00
A320 G-AB005 Seven of Nine -105,000,000.00
A320 G-AB006 Seven of Nine -105,000,000.00
A320 G-AB007 Miles Edward O Brien -105,000,000.00
A319 G-AB906 Hagia Sophia -85,000,000.00
A319 G-AB907 Tower of Pisa -85,000,000.00
DH8D G-D8402 Forrest Gump -31,300,000.00
c210 G-C2101 Red Rose -360,000.00
B738 G-BO801 Cats Eye Nebula -93,000,000.00
A321 G-AB101 Christopher Columbus -114,900,000.00
A321 G-AB102 Marco Polo -114,900,000.00
A321 G-AB103 Mark Twain -114,900,000.00
DHC6 G-DH601 Everest -7,000,000.00
A321 G-AB104 Jacques Cousteau -114,900,000.00
C208 G-C2801 Amelia Earheart -2,250,000.00
C208 G-C2802 Tracey Curtis-Taylor -2,250,000.00
DA40 G-D4001 W.A. Mozart -500,000.00
DA40 G-D4002 Robert Stolz -500,000.00
BE58 G-BE5801 baron of montesquieu -1,095,000.00
PA46 G-PA4601 Edward Elgar -1,990,000.00
C510 G-CCM01 Moonbeam -3,000,000.00
FA7X G-F7X01 The Flintstones -52,300,000.00
FA7X G-F7X02 Popeye the Sailor -52,300,000.00
FA7X G-F7X03 -52,300,000.00
B744 G-BO401 John Patch -280,000,000.00
B744 G-BO402 Paul Bayley -280,000,000.00
B738 G-BO802 Eagle Nebula -93,000,000.00
A320 G-AB008 Jonathan Archer -105,000,000.00
A320 G-AB009 Kathryn Janeway -105,000,000.00
A320 G-AB010 Sub-Commander TPol -105,000,000.00
A320 G-AB011 Nyota Uhura -105,000,000.00
B738 G-BO803 Dumbbell Nebula -93,000,000.00
C337 G-C2803 Mary Lady Heath -500,000.00
A320 G-AB012 Spock -105,000,000.00
A320 G-AB013 Charles Tucker III -105,000,000.00
A320 G-AB014 Deanna Troi -105,000,000.00
B190 G-B1902 Sunflower -4,999,000.00
B190 G-B1903 Basil -4,999,000.00
B190 G-B1904 Thyme -4,999,000.00
B190 G-B1905 Anise -4,999,000.00
B744 G-BO403 Thomas McGreevy -280,000,000.00
E50P G-EM5101 The Sound of Music -4,400,000.00
E50P G-EM5102 Miss Saigon -4,400,000.00
B763 G-BO601 Johnny Cash -141,000,000.00
B763 G-BO602 June Carter Cash -141,000,000.00
B763 G-BO603 The Statler Brothers -141,000,000.00
E55P G-EM5301 Nelson Mandela -8,960,000.00
E55P G-EM5302 Sir Winston Churchill -8,960,000.00
E55P G-EM5303 Martin Luther King -8,960,000.00
B738 G-BO804 Crab Nebula -93,000,000.00
B738 G-BO805 Orion Nebula -93,000,000.00
B738 G-BO806 Double Helix Nebula -93,000,000.00
DH8D G-D8403 Apollo 13 -31,300,000.00
DH8D G-D8404 The Green Mile -31,300,000.00
DH8D G-D8405 Sleepless in Seattle -31,300,000.00
A319 G-D8406 Philadelphia -85,000,000.00
B763 G-BO604 Patsy Montana -141,000,000.00
B744 G-BO404 Tom Naish -280,000,000.00
DHC2 G-DH202 -320,000.00
DHC2 G-DH203 Turtle -320,000.00
DHC6 G-DH602 St Helens -7,000,000.00
DHC6 G-DH603 Matterhorn -7,000,000.00
L410 G-L4101 The Nile -950,000.00
L410 G-L4102 The Hudson -950,000.00
A321 G-AB105 James Cook -114,900,000.00
A321 G-AB106 Daniel Boone -114,900,000.00
L410 G-L4103 Yukon -950,000.00
B190 G-B1906 Dill -4,999,000.00
B739 G-BO901 Pegasus -97,000,000.00
B739 G-BO902 Minotaur -97,000,000.00
B739 G-BO903 Sphinx -97,000,000.00
B739 G-BO904 Griffin -97,000,000.00
CRJ9 G-C9002 R.E.M. -46,000,000.00
CRJ7 G-C7001 Marilyn Monroe -41,000,000.00
A321 G-AB107 Amerigo Vespucci -114,900,000.00
C404 G-C4002 Airspace -2,000,000.00
CL30 G-CL301 Toots Thielemans -10,950,000.00
CL30 G-CL302 Al Jarreau -10,950,000.00
A333 G-AB301 Pete Postlethwaite -253,700,000.00
B789 G-BO801 UK2000 Scenery -264,600,000.00
B789 G-B7801 UK2000 Scenery -264,600,000.00
B748 G-B7801 The Pink Panther -378,500,000.00
B748 G-B74801 The Pink Panther -378,500,000.00
B748 G-B74802 Dom Pedro -378,500,000.00
B748 G-B74803 The Moussaieff Red -378,500,000.00
B748 G-B74804 The Heart of Eternity -378,500,000.00
B748 G-B74805 The Wittelsbach -378,500,000.00
B748 G-B74806 The Steinmetz Pink -378,500,000.00
B748 G-B74807 The De Beers Centenary -378,500,000.00
B748 G-B74808 The Hope -378,500,000.00
B748 G-B74809 The Cullinan -378,500,000.00
B748 G-B74810 The Pink Star -378,500,000.00
DA42 G-GAMM Malcolm Millard -1,000,000.00
DA62 G-GAPF Peter Faase -15,000,000.00
DHC2 G-GAJL Jim Lowery -320,000.00
SF34 G-S3401 Sir Galahad -10,000,000.00
A359 G-AB501 Abraham -304,000,000.00
Pilots Flight Salary 1,812,859.19
Aircraft Maintenance -18,000.00
FINANCIAL BALANCE -12,064,839,088.06

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