WELCOME TO Open Air Virtual

Hello and welcome to Open Air Virtual

We are pleased to see you and are happy to welcome you to view our site. Open Air Virtual is a small and dedicated virtual airline which offers our members a unique online experience with a blend of flights across a range of aircraft available in most current flight-sim situations.

We are a dedicated commercial and GA airline - therfore don't have a combat or military wing - no apologies! Unlike most other VA's we don't have an 'open-door' policy for new pilots because we maintain a small group of pilots who are dedicated to testing and developing different aspects of virtual flying - which means that although we operate from different hubs with various routes and aircraft, we use these as a basis for ongoing development.  It also means that new applicants may not be immediately accepted and may be asked to undergo a simple interview upon application.

Our aim is to provide hubs and routes with a range of aircraft which will build upon the fundamentals of your sim but always looking at new and exciting developments in the flight-sim world to provide the latest experience available for your virtual career.

Open Air Virtual is a Partner of:  

FS FlightControl UK2000 Scenery

Aerosoft GmbHAivlasoft


Pilots 10
Aircraft in fleet 58
Routes 176
Total hours: 13652.91
Flights total 716
Flights Regular 150
Flights Charter 566
% Flights Regular 20.95 %


CallsignPilotDepartureArrivalDateFlight Time
OAV001Peter Faase  LFRL  LFOS 2017-03-28 3.47
OAV002Jim Lowery  LFAF  LFSR 2017-03-27 0.26
OAV001Peter Faase  LFDP  LFRL 2017-03-27 4.19
OAV009John Fautley  EGYM  EGLL 2017-03-27 0.52
OAV006Terry Murphy  LFME  LFCB 2017-03-27 2.30



Event & DateAssigned
Things are looking Black - 30 March 2017-03-25




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